Wire Sawing

Wall Sawing Wire Cutting

Track Mounted Wire Sawing - A track, similar to to the wall saw track, is mounted to the structure, usually perpendicular to the cut. A wire saw head is attached to the carriage and locked onto the track. The wire (a small diameter cable with diamond studs attached on about 1" centers) is wrapped around the concrete to be cut, threaded around the rotating head and spliced into a closed loop. As the wire is spun around the structure, the slack is taken out of the wire and the wire is pulled through the structure.

This method of cutting is especially valuable for cutting massive concrete structures and is limited only to the amount of wire that is used and the power to rotate the wire around the structure being cut. It is capable of removing parts of a structure, without any damage to the remaining part of the structure.

Diamond Cut will utilize this method of cutting in the following situations:

  • When structure being cut has structural steel encased in the concrete.
  • When it is necessary to remove part of a massive structure.
  • When openings are required in excessively thick floors or walls.