Wall Sawing

Wall Sawing Wall Sawing Wall Sawing

Track Mounted Wall Sawing - A rigid track is mounted to the wall. A carriage, holding a wall saw head, is locked onto the track. The saw blade is mounted on the saw head, plunged into the wall and propelled down the track leaving a cut that is straight and true.

Track mounted wall saws reduce operator fatigue and produce straighter cuts than hand sawing methods. If overcuts are unacceptable, a concrete cutting chain saw can be used to clean up the corners.

These saws are capable of cutting 33" deep, from one side of the wall, and have the added advantage of being able to cut flush with an adjacent wall, floor or ceiling.

Diamond Cut will utilize this method of wall sawing when one or more of the following conditions are present:

  • Extremely hard aggregates, which slow down cutting speeds.
  • Heavy concentrations of reinforcing steel
  • Concrete thickness in excess of the depth capability of hand saws. (usually 10")
  • Long straight cuts such as retaining walls and foundation wall cuts.
  • When finished cuts are exposed and need to be square and true.
  • When cuts need to be flush with an adjacent wall, floor or ceiling.