Welcome to Diamond Cut!

Diamond Cut, Inc is a full service concrete cutting, coring, and demolition Contractor. We provide openings in brick, concrete and masonry walls, floors and roof decks, for heating and ventilation ducts, elevator shafts, plumbing and electrical work, doors and windows.

Diamond Cut meets the challenge of providing these openings, as follows:

  • Our operators are fully trained, not only in the safe operation of the tools and equipment required to perform the work, but also in evaluating our effect on occupants, workers and property in our work area and adjacent areas.

  • We provide our operators with the most modern equipment, specifically designed for the saw cutting and removal of concrete and masonry, with the least amount of impact on the surrounding environment.

  • We back our operators with a support staff capable of understanding the scope of work, evaluating the costs involved and assigning the operators and equipment needed to perform the work in the safest, most economical and timely manor.

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