Circular Wire Sawing

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Regardless of the size or depth of opening required, Diamond Cut is equipped to meet the challenge.

Circular wire sawing - a hole is core-drilled at the center of the circular opening required and another hole is drilled on the perimeter of the circle. The wire saw is mounted on the wall, in the center hole, and a pulley system is set up on both sides of the wall in the center and on the perimeter. The wire threaded around the pulley system, through the center, and the perimeter holes is spliced into a closed loop. While the wire is being rotated around the pulley system, the system is being rotated around the center hole, resulting in a circular opening.

This method is capable of cutting circular openings, through thick concrete and masonry walls, without buying a special core bit for each size of hole required. Openings of 30" to 96" diameter can be achieved in wall thickness of 24" or more, saving both time and money over conventional methods.

Diamond Cut utilizes this method for all large diameter holes (over 30" diameter), when both sides of the structure are accessible.